Individual Balloons (Pack of 10 per color)

  • Individual Balloons (Pack of 10 per color)

Individual Balloons (Pack of 10 per color)


**This listing is for individual deflated double stuffed balloons only. Balloons are sold in packs of 10 per color (no mixing and matching). Choose any color you see from our shop! Please email us with the color you would like!

2 sizes available - Mini 5", Medium 11"

5 inch balloons - 10 pieces (already double stuffed)
11 inch balloons - 10 pieces (already double stuffed)

All our balloons are hand layered to create our custom colors and we only use PROFESSIONAL grade balloons. Highly durable and high quality. Bio-degradable :)

We recommend blowing up balloons 1-2 days prior to your event date for the balloons to look their best. If blown up and tied properly, stored indoors in room temperature, the balloons can last days/weeks.

*electric pump linked below is HIGHLY recommended to cut the time and make the process easier. Hand pump is also REQUIRED for mini balloons. 

Electric Balloon Pump Link:

Disclaimer: Actual colors may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently and that everyone sees these colors differently. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.

All balloons will oxidize under exposure to oxygen and sunlight. Balloons are balloons and can pop for no visible reason. 

All our balloons are double layered to create our custom color and MUST be inflated together. True colors are now shown until inflated. Please do NOT pull apart!

Frays and holes on the nubs are completely normal and does not affect the performance or inflation of the balloons. 

Our balloons can be filled with helium but since it is double layered, it cuts the floating time in half. It is not recommended to fill the small balloons with helium, only the medium and large. 100% helium and correct inflation amount must be used in order for our balloons to float.