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If you would like to have your DIY Kit picked up, we can have an arrangement made for you! Do keep in mind that we are unable to waive the shipping fee as it counts towards our packaging materials.

DIY Kits

Yes, our balloons can be inflated with helium (with the exception of our 5” balloons)! That said, since our balloons are double-stuffed, they require 100% helium and will also have a shorter float time than singular balloons.

In the sun, balloons can become more prone to popping! If your event is outdoors, we recommend adjusting your installation as little as possible once it is set to prevent poppage.

We have three available kit sizes! Our petite 4-6ft kit (~50 assorted balloons), our premium 8-10ft kit (~80 assorted balloons), and our luxury kit 10-12ft kit (~120 balloons). *Please check the listing descriptions to know exactly what you will receive in your kit!

We offer two types of kits! The balloons ONLY include your balloons and a balloon decorating strip! The full kit will come with the balloons along with all the materials needed to make your arch the PopFestCo Way - a hand pump, glue dots, a ribbon curling keg, and wall hooks!

We always recommend blowing up balloons closer to your event date for the balloons to look their best but If blown up and tied properly and stored indoors at room temperature, the balloons can last days/weeks! We also recommend storing them in trash bags so they don't get too dusty as well.

The term "matte" in our listings refers to the opacity of the balloons! The level of matte for the balloons comes from Oxidation after it has been blown up. When you first inflate, all of our balloons will appear first glossy, but matte in terms of not being transparent and a matte thick color. The more matte you want the balloons, you can either leave it out in the sun for 5 minutes(not too long to not risk popping from sun), or leave it out to open air for over 12-24 hours! But the balloons are all the same and will give that thick matte color. If you want it to appear super matte like the picture, sunning the balloons or leaving out for 12-24 hours will give you that velvet-y texture.

We only source professional-grade, high quality balloons in our kits from brands such a Qualatex, amongst others!

Yes, the balloons we source are biodegradable and photodegradable.

Unfortunately since our kits are prepacked, we are unable to make changes to existing collections! If you were hoping to add another color, you can place an order for a color pack add-on here -Individual Color Packs, but we are unable to substitute or remove any colors. We also offer choose-your-own color kits here! Choose-Your-Own Kit

Absolutely! If you’d like assistance color matching to your event, please use this custom listing! Custom Color Matched to Your Event. If you were hoping to create your own custom kit, please use this listing! Choose-Your-Own Kit.

This is the pump we recommend for our clients from Amazon!
Electric Balloon Pump


Please check out our troubleshooting video! Troubleshooting - YouTube

Our double-stuffed balloons will reveal our unique colors once they are blown up! Before inflation some of our colors will look drastically different.

These are pigment spots! Due to the nature of how balloons are made and formed, these will be apparent on some balloons. They are totally normal! And in the grand scheme of the balloon arch, are unnoticeable.

Yes, they are totally normal due to the way that balloons are made!

Keeping them only inflated to their rated amount, tying with care, and assembling them in a cool environment are all great ways to ensure your balloons last through an event! We also recommend adjusting them as little as possible once they are installed - especially out in the sun! With that said, balloons are balloons and can pop for no visible reason.

Tying the inside balloon only will make life so much easier. Please check out this video on how to assemble and tie your balloons! Troubleshooting - YouTube

Make sure you are under inflating your balloons. Once you see that they are turning oval, then it is over inflated!

Wall hooks will only attach to untextured flat surfaces. PopFestCo is not liable for damages from the adhesives so please test spot your wall if wall paint is delicate and remove adhesive by the tab as soon as possible.

Safety Warnings

WARNING! Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required at all times. Always keep uninflated balloons away from children and discard broken balloons at once.

Made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergies, ranging from minor skin irritation to anaphylaxis. Look out for symptoms and, if any allergic reactions are suspected, seek medical help immediately. The foil and bubble balloons offer a non-latex alternative when choosing your balloons.

Always use a pump to blow up the balloon(s).

Balloons are for decorative purposes only - they are not a toy. Popfestco cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury following the misuse of balloons.

Helium filled balloons must be attached to a suitable weight to ensure that they are not released into the environment. Please dispose properly.

NEVER under any circumstances inhale, or allow anyone else to inhale, helium balloon gas. This can cause asphyxiation, leading to unconsciousness and death due to lack of oxygen.

Event Installations

We are currently taking limited events but please reach out and we will get back to you!